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Our Story

Welcome to Just Like Mom’s Bakery! We are a warm and inviting bakery that pays homage to the timeless recipes and cherished knowledge passed down by my loving mother. The bakery’s name perfectly captures the essence of my journey – an ode to the woman who shaped my passion for baking, nurturing me with her delicious creations.

Lucille Larter
Pictured Above: Lucille Larter (Bev’s Mother)

Baking Through Generations: Where Timeless Traditions Take Shape

Step into Bev’s world as she puts on her apron each day, immersed in thoughts of family and the “kitchen angels” watching over her. The love for baking and cooking, coupled with her innate entrepreneurial spirit, seems to be woven into Bev’s genes, passed down from previous generations.

It all started with Bev’s grandmother, Annie Funk who was a remarkable woman from Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan. As a young widow with 11 children, Annie relentlessly supported her family by taking in laundry and providing home-baked treats to the people of Lucky Lake. Annie’s dedication to her craft and her family left a lasting impression.

Honouring Loved Ones Through Family Recipes

When Annie passed away, her legacy sparked an idea in Bev’s mother, Lucille Larter, and her siblings. The requests for their mother’s treasured recipes kept pouring in, so they decided to compile a cookbook as a heartfelt tribute to Annie. The community’s overwhelming support led to a second printing, with many people purchasing multiple copies to pass down as cherished keepsakes

Funk Family Favourites Cookbook
Kitty Coleman 003

One Sip at a Time: Coffee Paved the Way for Sweet Beginnings

Over the course of her 20+ year career in the food service industry, Bev often found solace in the pages of her family’s cookbook. Working for resorts, restaurants, and caterers, she honed her skills and gained invaluable experience. However, the longing to create something of her own persisted within Bev’s heart.

In 2007, the opportunity presented itself when Bev and her partner ventured into the world of speciality coffee, establishing Steam Weaver Coffees, a beloved mobile coffee shop that quickly gained popularity at various events across Vancouver Island. As the business flourished, Bev couldn’t ignore the growing demand for her delectable baked goods.

Turning Baking Dreams into a Sweet Reality

Inspired by the success of Steam Weaver, Bev embarked on a new chapter.

In December 2009, With unwavering determination, Bev built her very own commercial bakery in Union Bay and aptly named it “Just Like Mom’s” to honour her family’s recipes. The moment the doors swung open, Bev’s creations captivated the taste buds and hearts of the community. Local cafés and markets eagerly placed orders even before business cards and labels could be printed.

While Bev dedicates her time to the bakery, she nurtures a dream of creating her own cookbook, featuring not only her family’s treasured recipes but also her mother’s beautiful artwork. In homage to Lucille’s talent, one of her paintings graces the walls of Just Like Mom’s, a loving reminder of the bond between Bev and her mother.

Just Like Moms Cabin
Just Like Moms Bakery Staff Party

What are you waiting for? Come and get a treat from Just Like Moms: Where Every Bite is a Hug from the Heart!